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Stop dwelling on whatever can't be fixed with your local rescues and go find yourself a great dog at a shelter -- there are plenty who are desperate.
Yes, this is very good advice.

I read your other thread and it is tragic. Based on what you describe, I really don't know why you would be put on a "Do Not Adopt To" list. It may be as simple as the rescue not wanting to have any liability risk should such an event happen again with a dog they have placed with you. And, in saying that, I am NOT saying that the earlier event was in any way your fault! But, we live in a litigious society and sometimes there are unfair consequences to that.

Furthermore, it may very well be that the story of what happened has morphed as it has spread via word-of-mouth from group to group... If you are worried about that, and really want to adopt through a rescue vs. shelter, why not just call the rescue you want to adopt from and confront the issue head on? Why not lead with saying something like, yes, this happened to me and my foster dog and here is why I think it happened, and here is why something like this will never happen again, etc., etc. etc.

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