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Neuter now, or wait til he's mature?

I have a 9 month old GSD. Ever since he turned 6 months old, people have been nagging me to get him neutered (I have a friend who's an animal control officer and I get an earful every time I see her...).

I've been researching to see when the best time to neuter is. Some say 8 weeks. Some say 6 months. Some say 18-24 months.

I've heard that some dogs that are neutered too early grow to be too tall and lanky. Others say this is a total myth and a dog can be neutered as young as 8 weeks and it won't affect their growth. I dunno what to believe.

He has no behavioral problems and I'm not worried about him getting loose and siring a litter because he's never out unsupervised or off leash, plus I live in the country and the only person who lives near me has a spayed female so it's not like we're surrounded by intact females to torture him when they're in heat lol.

If I knew for a fact that there were no cons, I'd have it done now... I just don't wanna do something that I'll regret.

So... are your dogs neutered? What age did you have it done? If it was done before maturity, were there any side-effects?
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