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Rejected by Rescue - AGAIN :( Why????

Well, today I got rejected again from a GSD rescue. Here is what they wrote:

Thank you for your interest in our rescued shepherds.
We are aware of the unfortunately situation that happened with your foster dog from (rescue org) and someone he bit really badly during an adoption. As most of the shepherd rescues work together to a certain extend, and some volunteers work with more than one rescue, we often get details about things that happen.
Unfortunately we just don't feel comfortable placing one of our dogs with you at this time. There are countless amazing shepherds in all the shelters, hopefully you can adopt one and save a life.
I'm sorry to disappoint you.
You can read about my original story here:

Frustrated with GSD Rescue - SAD STORY :(

In the application, I put the following information, hiding nothing and asking them to contact me.

What kind of dog are you looking for? * Easy going male, medium energy, larger size, healthy (that we know of), no known aggression issues, who will be a family member, accept our guests and love to play in the pool (maybe?) and at the beach - while being what a GSD is (loyal, highly trainable).

How many hours a day will the dog spend alone without humans and where? * 0-4

How do you plan on exercising your dog? How often? * Daily ball/toys and walk

Where will the dog sleep at night? * Inside - crate trained at first, perhaps (depending on dog), then run of the house

Why are you choosing a German Shepherd Dog? * I love them! They have a deep soul. With a sound temperament, they are wonderful companions, loyal, smart and brave. Fun, too.

What other dogs have you had in the past and what happened to them? *
Retrievers (3) - died of natural causes
Retriever - puppy raiser for service dog
GSD - foster (did not go well; please ask)

Are you willing to take your dog to obedience class? * Yes

What kind of obedience class would you take your dog to? * CGC

If your dog were injured or ill, are you willing to take him to the vet? * Absolutely! My dogs are insured.

Is there any reason why you would give up your dog? * No. Never.

How many dogs do you currently have? * 2

Please list the breeds, age and sex of the dog(s) you currently have and if they are spayed/neutered * GSD - currently a happy, well adjusted female (had her since puppy, not spayed yet)
English bulldog - happy, well adjusted male (neutered)
**current dogs are not dog aggressive, love visitors, accept other dogs into the house and are well socialized*
Why? So....I have to beat them to the shelter? If I'm such a horrible person, why would they suggest I do so?

I give money to rescue organizations. NO MORE. SORRY, you just LOST my support.

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