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Not eating as much as should

So my 9 1/2 week puppy is eating like 1/4 of what it should be according to my calculations.

She is 11 pounds now and I have been feeding her a 70%meat-30%bone mix from a local butcher of mine for about 3 days now.

I feed her once in the morning and once at night and this morning she only ate 1/4 pound and tonight she ate 1/2 pound.

From the calculations I took of 3% of ideal body weight (I figured 65 pounds based on how large her mom is) she should be eating 2lbs a day.

This has gone on for the entire time I have had her. The first 2 days I added some kibble but she ate the raw portions quickly and happily from what I have seen.

ALSO, today for dinner she ate 1/4 pound by herself out of her bowl and would not eat the other 1/4 pound unless I put it near her face with a fork and she ate it off the fork.

Is there something I can do to help her along? Also, is this dangerous?

The vet told me she had traces of Giardia in her poop sample and we are treating her for that but she doesnt have the symptoms of it (her poops are solid and she doesnt seem like she has energy depleted)

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