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That's a good idea - we get him on Friday the 25th or Sat the 26th (whichever day we can drive out - 3 hrs each way) - and I was going to make an appointment for Monday the 29th.

We don't have a fenced yard. Our dog doesn't go out unsupervised and gets her exercise on the local hiking trails (lots of them in the area), and we were planning to do the same with puppy. That and just letting them roam the neighbourhood for socialization. Lol! JUST KIDDING!

I'll have to ask the vet about how prevalent parvo is in the area. There are a lot of lax dog owners here, so probably a lot of unvaccinated dogs. On my last visit I was asking a bit about puppy shots and he did mention 2 dogs who had gotten it. They had moved into a new rental where the previous tenant's dog had it, and they got it from that. I haven't really heard about any other cases though.

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