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Paranoid about Parvo

I'll be getting my puppy in 2 weeks, and his breeder is taking the entire litter today for their first exam and vaccinations. They were born May 26 so are 6.5 weeks old right now. I have a lot of parvo questions for you all!

I've been reading about parvo and am starting to get a bit paranoid. I've read that shots before the age of 7.5 are basically useless because the mother's immunity protects them, and I've read that you could/should start shots at around 5.5 weeks. Which is right?

From what I've heard, you should do the booster shots 4 weeks apart, right? In my case that would be at 10.5 and 14.5 weeks, right? Or should they be done sooner than that?

Also, I know that puppies don't have full immunity until their 3rd round of shots and should stay out of high dog-traffic areas. The problem is that I live in a very small town where most people have dogs and a lot of people let their dogs just roam the town. I'd say about 20-30% of the doggie population is allowed to roam freely. And I'm guessing that most of these roaming dogs aren't vaccinated on a regular basis. Should I be worried about taking my puppy for walks out and about in town, before he's had the final booster shot? Or should I be okay in all but the most doggie-trafficked areas?

We didn't have any problems with our current dog, and we weren't as aware of parvo at the time and pretty much took her everywhere.
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