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11.5? Naaaahhhh...

Hey Readers:

Athena is exactly 11.5 years old today (when they're puppies or old, we tend to go by months). Yesterday on our walk she met up with Misty, a sweet speckled Hound puppy mix and OMG ZOE!!!11!!!!

OMG ZOE!!!11!!!! is a Boxer puppy, whose ear ALWAYS flips over when she's playing, because, well, OMG ZOE!!!11!!!! is a Boxer, and Boxers are REDONK and always have flipped-over ears. Athena LOVES Boxers and their zany playful energy. It's probably because no Boxer has ever, ever once taken offense to her reprimands (or even noticed them, frankly). She played with a Boxer once that jumped completely sideways over top her body from a stand-still, hitting her face with his back leg on the way over, but because that little stump of a tail was vibrating, his ear was flipped over, and he was next chopping at her outraged face with flailing white paws, she was too flabbergasted and tickled to get mad.

Athena looked like a puppy herself in the middle of those two girls, and she was winded and beaming afterwards. Also for her 11.5th birthday, I unclipped her and let her chase a rabbit (she didn't come close but had a whale of a time trying).

Athena may be whitening of face, but she's young of spirit. What a great dog. Happy 11.5 years, Athena.


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