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Help with Puppy Temperament Test at 4 months

I got my puppy when she was 8 weeks old and she is now a little over 4 month old.

Is the way she is right now an accurate gauge of her "temperament"? I have no other dogs to compare her to, but it seems she can be described as:

1. Having very high food drive. She loves to eat and will work for treats with high enthusiasm.
2. She does not really like being petted by strangers. Will avoid their touch and only allow them to pet her if she thinks I'll give her a treat when she sits nicely while getting petted.
3. She LOVES other dogs. LOVES them. Will play with other puppies and young dogs forever, jumping on them, chasing them, biting on them, etc.
4. She wants to be near me all the time (normal for all GSD puppies I imagine). But I have made some progress with separation anxiety. For example, I can leave her in the crate for hours and leave the apartment, and she will make no noise and just go to sleep. But today for example, she barked and ran to me (away from my girlfriend) when I walked down the road, even though she tried to hold onto the leash.
5. I have taught her to remain CALM in the apartment. Right now, she does not chew/bite any furniture, shoes, or items that are off-limits. She does not nip/bite any human flesh. She responds instantly to "LEAVE IT" or "NO BITING".
6. She occasionally (and randomly) barks. But I tell her to be "QUIET" and she eventually listens to me (it does take some repeating). I socialized her in a tourist center so she can see 100+ people and make no noise. But will domly bark once in a while at someone for some odd reason.
7. She will play fetch but not for very long, and only when treats are involved. She does not seem all that interested in fetching every object I throw.
8. She does seem to want to chase cats, but just to sniff them and play with them.
9. She is submissive to me, where a stare from me will send her into the sit position, or the down position.

What kind of dog will she be? I am also considering getting a Golden Retriever puppy and getting a female would be easiest. Just wondering if my GSD puppy (who seems submissive to me) would get along with another female GR?
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