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Puppy barely eats. Advice, please!

We have a 17 week old puppy. We bought him 2 weeks ago. He barely eats anything. We kept him on the same food his breeder had him on, but he didn't seem to like it or eat it so we bought a different brand we thought he would like, but he is still barely eating it.

We've tried canned food too, but he wouldn't even touch it! I've tried mixing meat in with his food, broth, etc. but he spits out the kibble. I don't get it. Is he doing this because he's still adjusting to his new home? He gets plenty of exercise and water. He's with us all day long (I'm a stay at home mom). He goes out to pee and poop and comes right back inside.

He has an appointment on Saturday for his vaccines, so I am going to ask the Vet about it too. What can I do to help him eat more? Do we have to keep going through brands until we find one he likes? Right now we have Blue Wilderness puppy food.

Should we toss the kibble and go raw? If so, where do I begin?

He would go to town on the cat food if we let him, but it's been moved out of his reach after he scarfed the entire bowl twice, so I don't think it's a complete loss of appetite. He acts fine otherwise.
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