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Threads are backwards...why?

I'm trying to figure out why the threads are backwards? I saw there was another thread on this topic and I saw some great questions that were not answered and the thread is now locked. I'm guessing it's locked because every post is a new member saying theyre going crazy. Here's the question I'm hoping to get answered by the Admin Shepherds. Why do you have the site set up like this? As others have said in the other thread it is completely user unfriendly. I understand how to fix it but what still puzzles me is why are you leaving up to new members to correct the site? I'm guessing your losing a lot of new members to this issue before they find a fix due to frustration. If this is something out of the norm in the forum world I would think you would leave it to the minority of those that prefer it backwards to figure out how to set up their threads backwards vs leaving it to the new members.
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