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Um.. "interest" in children??? MOVED TO GEN BEH

Ok so I know humping is a dominance thing... from dog to dog.. does this transfer to when a dog tries to do it to a human??

We had family come down a couple months ago with my 5 year old niece.. Titan tried to hump her a handful of times. Then this week we have more family down.. including my 2 nephews age 5 and 9... he's tried to hump them too. Is this a dominance thing?

He doesnt do this to anyone or anything else. I can count on one hand the number of times he's humped another dog in his 4 years of life.. and he's never tried this with an adult.. and only recently. He's fixed amd hes not around children a lot.. would that have much to do with it?

Juuust curious.. lol. Also how do I get him to not do this in the future (they're never alone so I can always stop it right then but he still tries while I'm here.)

Soooo yeah.. haha.. Good morning

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