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Fearful of being outside

I need some advice on my girls behavior. Inside our house she has great confidence, except when the air conditioner turns on, but when we go outside it's a completely different story. She completely shuts down and wont take treats. If she is not on leash I can get her to play and have fun but the first chance she gets to go inside she will take it. We just started working with a trainer who is using the flooding technique right now but that doesn't seem to be working very well. We have another session with him this Saturday and we will see what he says. Everything I have read says to desensitize and counter condition, but how to you do that when just stepping into your backyard puts her over threshold? She does better if she is off leash, my thought being that she doesn't feel restrained and trapped. I know she is scared of people bc I can take her out to a deserted park and let her explore and she LOVES it, but once she hears, smells or sees someone she's very uncomfortable. I would appreciate any help y'all can give!

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