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6 month old frustrations!

I think this is just going to end up being a rant however, I need to let it out!

In the last couple of weeks it seems Raven has completely forgotten everything she's ever learned up until this moment! No responsiveness to any commands, it's like talking to a wall, ask for a sit she stares at you and then downs... ask for a down she spins in circles... Her mouthing has gotten worse again as well, she doesn't bite hard, she'll more just kind of grab your hand and hold it for a second... it's just so frustrating D: She doesn't seem to be doing this with the rest of the family members (granted they only really bring her for a walk at the park or something, they don't have a hand in the discipline or day to day training of her).

To top things off, she got a hold of a rotisserie chicken carcass and ate the whole thing, so now we're on poop watch for the next two days to make sure things are coming out and there's no blood or anything......granted it was our fault for not watching her properly when the chicken was on the counter.

Some days you just want to put em in a box with a FREE sign on it! lol

We're starting back into obedience classes next Saturday (not this one coming) so hopefully this will help us get back on each others page and start working together instead of bashing heads!

Anyway... just wanted to vent to people who know what this is like.. any time I try to talk about my frustrations with family members they just say "well she's only like this when you're around, she's fine with us!"... Yeah because you let her walk all over you!
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