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Originally Posted by My2shepherds View Post
This is a newby question but what non-dog foods are safe for treats? I Feed large breed puppy food to the girls but would like to reward them with something other than dog treats or kibble once in a while. I like the idea of the strawberry mini-wheats (would never have thought of that myself as being okay for dogs).

I used to have a boxer that loved veggies especially onions... he used to pick them from the garden himself... never knew that was not good for dogs till this forum... so obviously I need some direction please..

The link below lists things you should NOT give your dog.

Foods That Are Hazardous to Dogs | ASPCA

That said: I have been a firm believer if I can eat it so can my dog. All things within reason just like humans. To much of anything is not good.

Unless your dog has food sensitivities, feel free to share in a way that you feel comfortable with...JMO.

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