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Exclamation help with 150% prey driven walks

I could sugar coat this right now but won't. I am typing with a wrapped wrist and hand because during our nice relaxing walk last night Roxy spotted something out of the corner of her eye and was gone. When I say she was gone I also mean that I was gone too...I will go down breaking a hip before I let go of her leash and lose her. All I can remember is being helped by the other pack walkers whose dogs obviously missed whatever it was. ( I will assume a rabbit or deer but I won't be 100% sure ever)
Luckily it happened on grass and not the cement we had just left.
We have gained soooooooooooo much ground in the last few months...there are a lot of you who have been on this walking nightmare/honeymoon journey with me. I am not sure what happened last night.
How do you respond? I couldn't correct happened to fast and all I was trying to do once it dawned on me I was going to get hurt was hang on to the leash and try to roll with it. I landed on my hand and am pretty sure it's jammed up to the last bunch of knuckles...will see my chiro later today.
I didn't scold was over. Do I go back to the prong collar or would that have even stopped her in this mind boggling episode?
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