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Puppy sleeping on bed?

Hey there,

I'm getting a Shiloh Shepherd puppy in October (Ocean State Shilohs, anyone hear of them?). My experience training dogs is for service dog purposes, so all the rules were pretty businesslike and strict (no dogs on the furniture ever, etc). The training was very good, but they were never allowed on the bed, so my experience in that department is quite lacking. When we brought our puppies home, obviously they WAILED the first few nights. I do plan on crate training, but having the dog in the bed is fine later in life too. Our bed is VERY high, so I would be sleeping with him on a spare mattress on the floor.

Do you think I could have him in the bed the first few nights, then in a crate on the bed, then on the floor etc? I just want him to be less afraid. I know that it's good for them to get used to being alone, but they're only babies when you get them-- I feel like cuddle pack to nothing doesn't have to be so abrupt and harsh. I would cry too!
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