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My New vom True Haus Puppy

After an endless wait, we finally got him yesterday! I must say the thing that really stands out about this 8 wk old pup is his nerve strength. We had a 12 hr drive home yesterday & absolutely nothing fazes this puppy.

Loud trucks banging by at potty stops, all kinds of hectic activity--not anxious in the least. Inquisitive, but not at all anxious.

He's also very social & affectionate--eager to bond. Which is just what I'd asked for. I like my sport dogs to be social.

He's naturally obedient & quick to catch on with high food drive, which I also asked for. Ob should be easy.

He's less than thrilled with the crate. But he'll get used to that.

So far, I'm really happy with what I'm seeing in this pup. He's also a beautiful black sable, my favorite color.

Will try to post a pic later.
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