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Moving Crate = No SLEEP

Hi All,

Ella is 15 weeks old today. We brought her home at 10 weeks old. She has been crated in our bedroom ever since. She gets up, tosses and turns and it isn't quiet! Last night she was whining and we got her a sip of water and put her crate out in the living room. She had to be let out every hour. When we brought her home we took her out once for the first few nights & that was it. She also pooped in her crate last night, which she has never done before. Is this all related to sep. anxiety? Tonight I was thinking of putting some of her rubber bones/kong in there. We are also going on vacation and she will be staying with a trusted pet sitter, and I am pretty sure the crate won't be in her bedroom. Please tell me it gets easier!!!???

Also, what is a recommendation for a puppy knowing a command, such a "crate" and she walks right past it because she just doesn't feel like going back in? I am assuming I need her on a short leash in the house.
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