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Puppy's got the runs

So little man started making a racket at 4:30 this morning sounding like his hyena impression again. It's nothing new and he will do it when he is crated and doesn't want to be or within an hour of first going to bed. He's almost 9 weeks old and I've had him for 5 days. The entire time I've had him he hasn't had a single accident in his crate, house or car. Ever since I put my Ipad near his crate playing talk radios at night, he's slept through the night with minimal waking up or howling. Tonight when he woke up he continued on for 45 minutes. I stayed strong and waited for him to be quiet for 5 minutes before I gave him attention and let him out. Opened the door, picked him up, took him outside and he had, well, explosive runs. He doesn't have any indication that his belly hurts or that he doesn't feel well. I feel HORRIBLE for not taking him out sooner.
I've heard plain pumpkin for diarrhea, a 24 hour fast with plenty of water or a bland diet. I switched him from purina one LB puppy (that the breeder had him on, yuck) to the evolutionary Blue buffalo wilderness LB puppy. I thought I had taken the transition slow, but I started it a day after I got him, vet said it was fine, but when I read about it, stress can cause tummy aches. What is the best way to go about it for an 8 week old?
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