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Pictures of my new friend :-)

hello all, my name is Charles, i will post a formal introduction where necessary, but i had to put these pics up ASAP. :-D
i just saved him a day before being euthanized. great with my daughter so far, just picked him up today.

however, cannot tell if he's mixed or not. some of my co-workers claim he may be full bred. maybe you guys can help me figure it out, other than the obvious fact that i need papers to tell! ;-D

not that it matters, he is a great companion so far, follows me everywhere, he's keeping his distance from my 11 month old daughter, every now and then he goes up to her and tries to lick her fingers, but since he's a little energetic, he took a step back and just kinda stayed around my lady and myself.
[EDIT: Also, i should mention, his hears pop almost straight up, right now they're just down because he's so tired, poor thing has been in the dog pound here so he probably hasn't had a good night's rest in quite some time.]

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