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2 yr old GSD Growling when he looks at me!

I have a 2 year old German Shepherd who has been continuously growling at me when we have eye contact. I previously tried to work with him by training him with treats and it worked for a while, but his growling recently got worse and is mainly directed towards me instead of my husband. At night I am actually scared because his kennel, which we took the top off of is right next to the bed on my side, and if I have to use the restroom he growls at me. We moved his kennel to the end of the bed so that I will not be afraid of that anymore, but if I look at him he stares me down. I know having a stare down is challenging him, but until he submits and follows his commands of laying down and sitting up and handshake.. this continues. I do not want to be scared of my dog and I know they sense that, but I am not sure what else to do. Today, is the first day without incident and I played with him and had as much interaction with him as possible. I'm about to go home after work to sleep and I feel like I know he is going to growl. I need help! Hopefully, having more interaction and playing versus just training and exercising will help.??
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