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I definitely understand that the dogs need to be crated while the others are working, but I can't really can't help that it doesn't fit in our car. I guess I'd have to see if there was somewhere else we could crate him.

Wow I totally forgot about the protection phase. Lol. No idea how that slipped my mind when I was considering this.

I guess I'll have to find a club for at least when we get to starting to train protection. I guess I'll just have to keep looking then... do clubs actually help you train? The ones I went to just had members take turns getting their dogs on the field and practicing obedience for a bit and maybe getting tips from one or two others there, but didn't offer us anything on getting started. At the end they had one of their dogs come out for protecton training and told me to hold Kody's leash and just let him bark at the helper and watch the dog bark and occasionally bite the helper, but then told us to put him away because he was too focused on the dog instead of the helper and they didn't want him to tire himself out. But they said they don't do protection training until the dog has its BH? I really just want to start learning more obedience for him right now. So idk if that was a good club or if most clubs are like this or what.

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