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Sorry to hear that the two clubs you visited weren't inviting.

Unless your very lucky most of the time you are going to end up driving quite a ways for a club. The club I train with is 45 minutes away, and another one of the club members drives 2 hours one way.

Most clubs if not all require you to have your dog crated while they are not working. Maybe bringing a cage along and setting it up in a shaded spot and keeping it out of sight could work?

As far as your training capabilites, Schutzhund is a completely different monster than your standard OB. Its very nice to have lots of experienced club memebers and a Training Director give you pointers on what they see needs work and how to work your specific dog and what works for him.

So not necessarily do you have to join a club, but its very beneficial in the long run. Hope some of this helps

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