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Default Do I Have to Join a Club?

So I'm in the DFW area and there are just aren't that many clubs around. The couple I have checked out are either full or very small and not very welcoming to newcomers. Not to mention every club is at least 30 minutes to an hour or 2 away, and having Kody in the car that long is a nightmare. I don't think my legs and arms could take that many scratches from his nails aha. And lastly, every club I've talked to wants us to crate our dog in the car while the other dogs are working, but our crate doesn't fit in ourcar?? It's not like we can just go buy a mini van lol.

So basically if I want to get involved in Schutzhund, do I HAVE to join a club? I'm a good trainer and I know how to train dogs. The only thing is I'm not sure how I would find trials when I'm ready to compete, like get his BH and stuff? Thanks!
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