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Foster and Cats

I am currently fostering a 3 - 4 yr old male german shepherd. He appears to be from working lines. He has a potential adopter after being on the site for several days. I'm concerned though because he has demonstrated a desire to chase things that move (prey drive). The family has one dog and 3 cats. Balto gets along great with dogs, it's the cats I'm concerned with. I do not have any cats, so he's not been tested. When out on walks, if he see a squirrel he cries and lunges at it. A firm sit gets his attention back though. Yesterday I took him to visit my parents. The house behind them has 3 tiny Maltese's that are fluffy and like to bark. Balto demonstrated the same characteristics with them...high whining and lunging. I'm concerned for he safety of the cats as well as himself should they get into an altercation.
I'm trying to see if I can find a friend who has cats to see about introducing them (he will be leashed), so I can get a picture of what his reaction is to seeing one. Please let me know if you have any ideas, thoughts or opinions on what would be best. My gut is saying a cat home might not be a good idea.


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