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Originally Posted by lauren43 View Post
And if you don't mind him sleeping in your bed full grown, then by all means put him in the bed at night!! Hehe. That's probably what I'll end up doing when my girl comes home. I too hate whiny puppies.

But in the meantime keep working with the crate so you can safely leave him when you need to!! No one needs a chewed up couch!

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You are a fantastic person! Thank you for the positive words. I know it's the not getting sleep that's getting the best of my emotions. He came to me eating not so great brand kibble so I'm gradually switching him over to the evolutionary blue buffalo wilderness. He has started to come around to the frozen peanut butter in his kong as well as frozen socks, when it gets hot outside. I will have to try the food in it! Sounds yummy it's been 14 years since we got our last puppy and I was around 7 when we got her so I don't remember much about how she acted. I will probably put him in my bed tonight. When he has been in his crate at night, he will go all night from 11-8 without an accident. He will just wake up and cry for a little bit then back to sleep. Hopefully no accidents in my bed. Thank you for making me feel better!
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