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First breathe. Everything you are describing is normal puppy behavior.

The screaming in the crate normal.

Not listen to you..normal. You've only had him a short time, not enough time for him to truly bond. Hang in there. It will come with time.

I read an article somewhere (I'll never be able to find it now) but you can actually train the closing of the crate door. That seems to be the most traumatizing part of the crate. Not sure what you are using for training but you can use a clicker or a marker word for this.

Have him in the crate. Treat treat treat. Move the door a smidge. Say yes or click. Treat. Keep moving the door closer to closed then farther out and marking all door movement and treating. Do it every day, 2-3 times per day for no more than 5 min sessions. For the first couple of sessions don't close the door. Then work up to just shutting it...toss a jackpot. Then open the door. Working up to longer duration. Very very short at first then go back and forth between short and long.

Also not sure what you are feeding. If kibble, wet it and put in a kong...then put it in his crate so he has to work to get it out. If that seems easy for him, freeze it. I also recommend bully sticks (though he should be supervised for those)...these are long term work to eat and should hopefully keep him busy and keep him from thinking about the crate...

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