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RAW back to Kibble?

My husband and I are moving halfway across the country and will be living with my mother for a month or two until we find a new house. For a number of reasons, not the least of which are limited freezer and prep space, we decided to switch the dogs to kibble for these couple of months.

I looked into prepared raw food last night and holy moly - for 2 dogs that each eat a pound and a half of food a day, there's no way we could afford that option!

So I ordered a couple of small bags of Fromm's and Acana to see how they react to them. I'm still going to give them chicken feet for treats and keep marrow bones on hand (I remember kibble teeth - yuck). Has anyone had experience switching FROM raw back to kibble? Did you slowly transition? Go cold turkey? What brand of kibble do you use? If you've gone back and forth from raw to kibble do you go grain free?

I know they'll eat it (any time they've had the opportunity at someone else's house they tear into kibble a stoner with a bag of cheetos)...I'm just worried about gigantic poop, indigestion, lack of energy, bad breath, greasy coat...ugh. My dogs are rescues and the before and after with raw was dramatic. I want to be clear that I'm not knocking anyone who uses kibble - I just know what's been working for my dogs. How we feed our dogs is personal issue - I'd just love some feedback from members' on their various situations.

The upside to this whole thing, though, is that I'm eventually moving to an area where there's a drop off from My Pet Carnivore - my days of hunting down green tripe will be over! How I've missed the midwest!
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