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Enucleation (non GSD)making my GSD aggressive?

On July 4th, I noticed my old shih tzu rubbing her eye and discharge. After hours at the ER vet she had her eye removed due to secondary glaucoma from cancer behind the eye. I didnt want to have the eye removed but I eas told that it was causing her to much pain. Needless to say it was a very hard decision.. We are trying to save the other eye, but doesnt look good. She has a drain in, so alot of discharge.

We took her home late that evening and my GSD has been acting weird ever since. He smelled her and started running around wimpering. When she cries both my gsd and other dog will start crying too. We have her separated because my maltipoo keeps trying to lick her eye and my gsd keeps following her around my house.

I dont know if its the blood thats freaking my gsd out, but hes usually very quiet and loves other dogs and people he knows but lately he barks at anyone who comes near our front door. Yesterday my son took our gsd and I took my shih tzu (shes feeling better) for a short walk around the block. My gsd barked at everyone he saw getting close to us. He usuallly just ignores everyone. I had to cut our walk short. This morning I took him by himself and he was fine, but as soon as we got home he ran around the yard barking again and also doing this all night. I had to close the doggie door so he cant get out. I cant bathe my shih tzu because of stitches etc. Do you think the blood is making my gsd act weird or is it just a coincidence since hes now 18 months old?

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