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Scared about messing up

I know I'm probably severely overreacting and the sleepless nights are getting to me but I'm definitely having a hard time with this puppy thing. He turned 8 weeks on 4th of July and I have had him since Saturday. I think I've read too many horror stories about how crucial it is to do everything right in the first few months and I'm a nervous wreck I'm going to do something wrong that will scar him for life.
I did months and months of research before I even thought about this breed and lots of consideration of what I was getting myself into. I knew going in that he would be extremely smart and loyal once he was bonded. Little did I know that no matter how much preparation I did it in no way would prepare me for actually having him. He's an incredible puppy with a super sweet personality but I can't help being worried.
He has LOTS of toys and things to chew on. His crate is next to my bed and I keep a towel over it and my iPad sits on top playing radio talk shows all night so he feels like he has company (it's the only thing that's helped him settle down a little at bed time). He will willingly go into his crate during the day, he will eat in it and take his toys in there but when it is time for bed, he screams like a hyena and it doesn't stop for at least an hour. Any time I shut the door, no matter the time of day or If I'm sitting there next to it, he screams like it's the end of the world. I make sure that he is ignored until he calms down but when he doesn't stop for a LONG while, I'm not sure what to do anymore. We wear him out before bed to make sure it's easier for him to fall asleep, he will barely be able to stay awake to go potty but once he gets put in for bed all heck breaks loose.
He has no interest in voices, or listening to anything you're saying to him. No interest in the clicker or any treats I have tried to give, so helping him learn his name has gone nowhere. He would rather play with his food bowl than actually eat the food in it.
He is however doing VERY well with only chewing his toys. When he tries for your hands or other appendages, we yelp and if that doesn't work, we get up and stop playing.
I'm sure it's all just puppy stuff that I am reading far too much into but it's worrying me and I've been crying almost every night since I got him. Is it normal for them not to be interested in your voice? I need him to be crate trained, mostly for convenience and safety but if he sleeps better in my bed with me and will sleep through the night with no accidents, is it imperative that he sleeps in the crate at night? Would him sleeping with me at night screw up trying to crate him during the day while I run errands? Any advice or help is absolutely appreciated.
I'm also adding a picture from play time today he's so darn cute, you wouldn't think he could be so much trouble
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