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Fireworks Question

Hello all,

I rescued Jerry Lee about 6 months ago and he is amazing. Easily the coolest dog out of everyone I know and I am constantly reminded by friends (and the vet!).

Jerry is not phased by much of anything. Not vacuuming, not loud thunder, other dogs barking at him... never pays any of that ANY mind. Pretty much nothing phased him until July 4th.

Out of nowhere he seemed to start whining and shaking, I then realized there was some very weak sounding fireworks all the way down my street. It amazed me how shook up he got when I could barely hear them over the TV. They were pretty faint but JL was surely upset by them.

How is it that loud thunder and vacuuming right next to his head doesn't even phase him but the faintest of fireworks can send him over the top in fright?

(And yes, I know pretty much all dogs hate fireworks but these were very weak and far away... kiddy fire works down the street)

Anyone else experience this? He is fine with serious thunder but hates weak fireworks, even in the distance? I'm beginning the think he had a trauma when he was stray...
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