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Exclamation 5mo Old Peeing Excitedly

Hey Guys, I have a 5mo male puppy named Zephyr.

He was potty trained in a matter of weeks, learned sit down and stay in just a few days, but he has this terrible habit of peeing whenever he's excited. This includes meeting people, seeing people he hasn't seen in over 2 hours, coming out of his crate, seeing other dogs he does know and ones that he doesn't know.

It really does not seem submissive as he is not submissive with humans or other dogs. We have tried just ignoring him until he calms down the last few weeks, but he still pees everywhere until he calms down. Its gotten so bad that in the mornings you can't even get a leash on him to take him out without having a soaked floor.

He is 100% not abused, never spends more than 2-2.5 hours in his crate at a time and doesn't seem to have any fear issues at all.

Any ideas?
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