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How to help my senior, pain management etc.

Hi everyone,
Sorry this is a bit long…
I have a question regarding a senior Pekingese, not a shepherd although in his mind he is one lol. My boy has always been a guy with lots of health issues starting very early in his life. He has stomach ulcers, heart murmur and degenerative joint disease. Years ago he was paralyzed due to a few cushioning discs that burst into the spinal cord space. With acupuncture and crate rest we got him walking again. Over the years he has been suffering on and off with back & hip issues and would often receive Rimadyl to help with the pain.
These last months he has been more stiff than usual. I blame it on the cold winter weather and I haven’t been watching him carefully enough to prevent him from jumping up and down the stairs. He also is not a real fan of my German Shepherd puppy and gets himself so wound up trying to get her away from him. So I monitor that she leaves him alone by distracting her with toys to play with. In the evening both sleep with me in the bed and she knows to keep her distance from him although I sometimes do see her cuddling up to him and he just lets her.
I took him to the vet again as he was pulling his back into an arch again, looked very miserable and showing signs of pain (shacking a bit ). The vet gave me some Tramahexal & Diazepam and said I shouldn’t let him run up and down the stairs and try keep him calm (easier said than done as he loves running and acting like a crazy puppy lol). Luckily I work from home so can keep a good eye on him and I do see a slight improvement although with the meds he is clearly walking a little drunk.
So my question is what have you guys used and had success with to help your seniors overcome the aches and pains of age?
He is currently on the hills mobility but I am planning to switch him over to the Orijen senior but due to the high protein I was advised to first have his kidneys and liver checked.
If the vet gives me the ok for him to start him on the Orijen senior would I need to supplement this with anything?
This boy means the world to me and he is only 10 years old there must be more that I can do for him. Feeling a little helpless and worried
Thanks for reading
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