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I may be a little bleak, but I've always seen hope as too passive to be a good thing. All the definitions I find define it as "to want something to be true" or "to cherish a desire with anticipation". If I want something, I don't want to waste energy "hoping" for that thing. Instead I want to focus my energy on everything I can do to make it a reality. Hope for me conjures an image of a person in a bad situation sitting back and relying on "hope" to change their situation instead of figuring out what they can do to change it for themselves.

Like I said, I'm probably pessimistic.

I've also had bad experiences with people shoving "hope" down my throat in bad times of my life. "If you just have some hope, you will see that you can have a brighter future!" I'd rather figure out what I need to do to achieve that or accept that it is something that I cannot or will not attain, thank you very much. So I guess I see hope as an evil that belongs in the box.
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