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is my 6 month old too thin?

Hello everyone! Well, I just wanted to get an opinion on whether or not my six month old gsd looks too thin. He's 24 inches at the withers, and 56 lbs. I thoughthe looked pretty good, but it seems like every time I take him somewhere people say that he looks too thin. Just the other day, I was chatting with a blue buffalo representative at pet smart, and she asked me how much my dog eats or day, and I told her he gets 2 cups of food three times a day. She said, "Wow, he eats six cups a day and he's still that thin??"
He doesn't look thin to me, just maybe a bit awkward? But all the gsds I have owned have been adults that I adopted from the shelter. This is my first puppy, so I'm could use the advice of people with more experience. Please feel free to be brutally honest. I'm not someone who is easily offended. If it helps to know, I currently have him on Evo Red Meat. I switch him on and off with that and Infinia Turkey and Sweet Potatoe. Both these foods say all life stages, so I thought they would be OK to feed him. Should I put him back on strictly puppy food? He's been doing so well on the Evo, but if you guys think he looks thin that I can rectify that. Thanks for reading!

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