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Hip Dysplasia/Pano/Stiffnes - very confused!

Hi everyone,

Just after as much advice as possible.
I have a 7 month old German Shepherd girl, and lately she has seemed a bit stiff after getting up from a sleep.
She was desexed 3 weeks ago, and I have been wondering if she could still be a bit uncomfortable from the procedure or if this is something different. During the procedure the vet checked her hips for me, and she told me they are a little "loose" but that xrays will not be helpful before she is 18 months of age and fully grown. She said her bones and joints are not fully developed yet and that it is common for puppies to be a bit loose in the joints.
I am a bit worried though, and I can not seem to stop obsessing about this..
I am very careful not to exercise my girl too much (mostly off leash exercise, no long walks on concrete etc, and no jumping in/out of the car).
Is it possible to be TOO careful with your puppy? Can they "under-develop" if you take too much care?
She is a very gentle pup, but after the surgery she has become very quiet and not as eager to play anymore. Don't get me wrong, she loves to play and interact with other dogs, but at home she walks around very slowly and she sleeps a lot. She has also gone off her food a bit, she will eat it but is not as excited when I prepare it as she used to be and she eats a little bit then leaves it for awhile then comes back, then leaves it.
This is my first puppy, and I am not sure if all this are normal things and changes when puppies are growing up or if should be worried..

Would like to hear everyone's experience with their puppies, what to look out for and tips in general. Please feel free to ask questions if you need more info. I might even try to post a video, I am not sure how that works since I am new to this site.

Thanks in advance!
Elin & Kalevi.
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