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Is he being picky..?

We fed him the normal Nature Valley's Instinct and we started buying the one with the RawBoost (since it's only a few dollars more) and he use to eat the whole thing.. but now he'll eat it and leave NOTHING but the kibble. He pretty much eats it until there's no more pieces of the dried rawboost pieces.. and he won't eat it at all. I try to not leave food out longer than it needs to be, but sometimes he won't eat before I need to leave to work so I end up leaving him some food in his crate (which is probably a terrible idea.. but i don't want him starve. lol) and when i get home, left over food.. and there's no more rawboost in it.

I'm just worried a little because I give him the recommended amount for his weight and he's not eating it if there isn't any rawboost pieces in it. If I keep replacing the bowl of food, the bag is gonna eventually just be nothing BUT the kibble and that's probably not good. I'm sure he'll still eat it because he's hungry but why is he being picky? He wasn't picky before..
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