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HELP! To own a GSD or not...that is the question :)

Hi, I am sure you get this question a lot but I am trying to decide if the German Shepherd Dog is the right breed for my family?

Let me tell you about my family and what we are looking for. I am a single mom with 2 kids (ages 7 and 11) We already own a 5yr old spayed female Saint Bernard and a 3 yr old spayed dominant Malti-poo and a pet pig...yes i said pig We often foster motherless puppies and kittens for a local rescue. I have owned a female rottie in the past but lost her to cancer several years ago so I do have some knowledge on owning an intelligent yet head strong breed.

Our Saint Bernard is very protective of my family but unfortunatly they do not have a long life span, she cant be outside very often, and her hearing is starting to go Crime in my neighborhood has been on the rise and we decided to add another dog to our family, one that can be naturally protective, one we can take on walks and be outside in our large fenced yard while my kids are playing, but also lounge around in the house with.

I will be taking whatever pup we finally choose to training classes and will have it neutered. I have researched and researched the german vs american and the different bloodlines and if male or female would be best for our family and it has caused me such a headache trying to understand it all and which would fit best in with our family if at all. I have even talked to some breeders but am still confused.

Can anyone tell me your opinion on if you think a GSD would even be a good fit and if so what bloodlines etc male or female would be best??? Thank you very much!
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