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Default Digestive Issues on Raw

Hi All,

I've been feeding Puppy raw for about a year. She's had phenomenal poop until quite recently. I'm not entirely sure when these issues started, but I'd estimate about a month.

1. She's had a few accidents in the house. When she does, the poop is messy and goopy and not well-formed. If I feed her a bonier diet the next day, they firm up significantly.

2. Yesterday I fed her a whole chicken. Later in the day, she had diarrhea and puked up the chicken. The chicken had a lot of chunks in it still.

3. Sometimes, I starve her for a day and feed her more the next day.

What can I do to improve? I haven't changed the staples of her diet or the source. I can try:

1. Feeding probiotic yogurt
2. Feeding pumpkin
3. Feeding coconut oil

I am also thinking of switching back to kibble for a while, especially since she'll be boarded for a month.

What do you guys think is the cause?

I took her to the vet yesterday. Vet didn't test poop, but did overall wellness check. Her temps are good, she is active, perky, and normal.
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