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Fear Aggression?

Helloo, I'm a new-ish member to this forum and i was looking for some help and advice!
I have a 3 year old White German Shepherd called Alfie..
He's a beautiful boy, totally trained within the house, walks pretty well on the lead, comes back when called, sits and stays and what not.
Fear Aggression?-315876_2497201955838_295416540_n.jpg
Fear Aggression?-946617_10201420710426150_18347524_n.jpg
Fear Aggression?-945272_10201420710746158_822023391_n.jpg
We did have up until a few months back our first German shepherd called mac who we had from a puppy also, sadly we had to have him put down at the age of 7.
Fear Aggression?-301907_2505260997309_1153655593_n.jpg
And i'm wondering if this could be why he seems to have gotten worse.
Alfie never used to be bad when out but we never really socialised him with any other dogs.
(Big mistake and very irresponsible on my part, i now regret it tremendously.)

When we take him out if i see another dog approaching i'll shout him back and put him on the lead, he seems fine.. wagging his tale and looking playful as we walk past but then he will then suddenly lunge towards them and growl.
This doesn't happen with every dog it just seems to be at a few dogs.
But then on the other hand if we run into a dog and he's not on the lead, he will run in the total opposite direction from them, to the point where i have to run after him before he makes his own way back to the car.
Is this all out fear?
My vets useless, he just advised me to not to walk my dog where other dogs will be.
But it's difficult to do and i don't want him not to be able to go near other dogs, i want him to socialise. He's only 3, surely this can be corrected?

I have been suggested by another owner to muzzle him and take him a long to a dog socialising group, or a reactive dog group.. do you agree?
If so do any of you know of any in the UK - midlands?

Any help you can give me would be appreciated.
Many thanks!!

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