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Congratulations on your new baby! The crying is her way of dealing with the transition from breeder and her mom and litter mates to a whole new situation in her new home. Try to ignore the crying so she will learn that crying is not a way to get her needs met.

When my boy came home at 9 weeks, I sat by the crate and did my own thing so he knew I was there, but I didn't interact with him. I never opened the crate if he was whining or tried to soothe him.

The puppy stayed confined in a crate or is outside potting. If I wanted to play with puppy, it was outside--then there were no accidents in the house. My boy also does not like being hot and wants to be in the shade. Early morning and evening may be your best play times.

Your little girl is not yet regulated with your schedule yet, but after a while, you will both be in sync and then potty training becomes easier. Basically, any accidents are a management issue and not the puppy's fault. She wants to do the right thing.

German shepherds bond very deeply, her crying is symptomatic of this. It will take time for her to bond to you. My boy just turned 5 months and now I really see and feel the bond.

At first, a GSD puppy is labor intensive and exhausting on your part. Her babyhood will fly by, be sure to get pics as she will be bigger each morning than when she went to bed the night before.

This forum has a wealth of info and lots of supportive people. Welcome!

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