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Hi there, new GSD owner

Hi there, I've been posting in the Schutzhund group for a couple weeks, but now that my girl is getting settled I thought I'd like to come here and learn a bit. Brief background-- I've shown (conformation) and trained (obedience, rally, little bit of schutzhund & agility) for about 30 years but haven't been doing much the past 10 years. My past dogs were Rottweilers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. I now have (in addition to Jetta, my first GSD) a cane corso (who was to be my competition obedience dog but was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia at only 8 months of age and had to be retired immediately. He had already passed his STAR puppy and CGC and was nearly ready for his CD ), an Ibizan Hound & 2 Chihuahuas.

I've had my girl, Jetta, for just over 2 weeks. I've been letting her settle in and transition into our home and pack. She is 20 months old and has been basically in a kennel from the time she was bought from her breeder at about 4 months until 20 months old. Her previous owner did have a trainer work with her, but I don't know what all was done, nor what techniques were used. I know she was trained in English, but I train with a combination of English, Hungarian, and German commands. Just for fun, since she's been settling in so well and seemed to want to do *something* other than our basic walks and runs we've been doing, I took her out yesterday JUST to see what she may or may not know, and how she would respond to my foreign commands. SHE WAS AMAZING. Here's a short video, and I am just so tickled with her. I can't wait to get her into training classes at my local training club. I think she did FANTASTIC, and I think her focus and eye contact was really good considering the short amount of time I've had her and that this was our very first attempt at a mini training session. I think we will go far :-)

Carey & Jetta
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