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possible effects of dog parks on shelter dogs

My husband and I volunteer frequently at our local shelter. We are currently seeing A LOT of dogs come in that cannot be around other dogs. This is bad because those dogs sit in the shelter long-term, as most people these days either are looking for a second dog or hope to have a second dog some day. Also, I find that almost everyone wants a dog they can take to the dog park.

Two of the dogs who belong to us, Heidi, and my husband's lab, are dog aggressive and we have a theory that their problems were caused by taking them to the dog park when they were young. We learned our lesson before getting our other lab, Cori, and she doesn't have a problem with dogs. Now I am wondering if the shelter dogs' dog aggression issues also may have originated with dog parks. Most of them were dropped off at the shelter as adults and we don't have a detailed history. Not to start another thread about the benefits/evils of dog parks, but does anyone else suspect that much of the dog-on-dog aggression today could be traced back to this? It is very sad for the rescue dogs.
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