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Unhappy In Survival Mode: Crate Despair

Sleep deprived as I write this, we have a 10 week old pup that is howling and crying at night. His impression of a Gremlin is spot on as he cries most of the night (10pm bedtime into the crate, potty if quiet at 12:30am, back in crate until 2:45am). He has a blanket, some soft toys, and surprisingly the crate is not destroyed after his nightly rants (going on 4 nights now). We have his crate in the family room where we spend much of our time. I had two GSDs in the past decade that did have the constant crying while in the crate. I guess through my fragile state of very little sleep, what I am asking it possible if I continue to ignore him, will he get acclimated?
Is this a sign of extreme separation anxiety? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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