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Limping Puppy


We have a GSD mix (mom was a GSD and dad was GSD/Australian Shepherd) She is 9 weeks old. She has been WONDERFUL. We are feeding her Wellness Puppy food. This morning we took her for a short walk (two blocks).

After bringing her home, and having "crate time" she woke up and appeared to be limping/lameness in all four legs. Lasted the rest of the day (she would be fine after a few minutes of limping/lameness when waking)

The only other thing we did different today, was the walk. She hasn't been on one before. We've had her two weeks and she's just been in our yard and kitchen.

We lost a dog to cancer at the beginning of the year, and Miss Lucy has really helped our as a new momma I'm super worried about her.

She has a vet appointment at the end of the week.

Does anyone have any idea what it could be? She eats just fine, plays just fine (after she moves around for a few minutes) and doesn't seem to be in any pain. (she will let us move her legs all around....rub on them, checked her paws, etc)
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