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Bad times at the dog park

We met a ski patrol friend at a dog park tonight, he has a shiloh shepherd and wanted to introduce us to her and also wanted to meet our pups, we had a very long day on the water but decided to head over to oshawa and have a visit. All went okay, Nera is a lovely girl but it was getting late and lots of the more undesirable people were moving in so we left. We stopped to say our goodbyes in the parking lot when a very upset man with a medium sized doodle type dog approached us almost in tears, his dog was playing down by the water and another dog approached him pounced on his neck and starting shaking, his dog had the bloody punture wounds and looked really shaken up he was really worked up and on the way to the vets. It was really sad. I have entirely no idea why some people feel it is okay to bring there agro dogs to the off leash areas. I really wonder what goes thru some peoples heads,
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