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Behavioral Issues

I was hoping someone could help my wife and I out with our GS Dillon. Dillon is currently 9 mos. old and is beginning to develop some behavioral issues. We walk him every day, take him to dog parks for socialization, doggie daycare and he's even been through the 1st level of obedience training.

Despite that he still jumps on furniture, chews furniture and clothing, rips up the rugs, sprints throughout the house banging into walls and other objects. Additionally during walks he goes absolutely insane when passing by other dogs and it takes all my strength to keep hold of him. Not only is it pretty embarrassing but could potentially be dangerous

I've seen the sit on your dog video and tried that but he would not calm down at all and even started biting me. I had to finally give that up after 40 minutes of trying.

Bottom line is we're at our wits end with him and need some advice on how to best proceed with training etc. Any input is welcome.
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