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Originally Posted by Maxil View Post
that's the difference between lovers and careless breeders who are looking for money only.
no you aren't obsessed, every dog owner does the same, your puppy thinks you are the greatest guy in the whole world, well or ill he will love you forever and never forget you if you leave him for a couple of hours and the only way he may forget you is if he found someone better than you with him. Enjoy him as much as you can and never feel weird because you love him too much and ignore everyone who says you are too obsessed with him.
for me my obsession comes for some reason, i adore my dogs put my biggest obsession is the new puppy i got. the owner didnt want her and shes like 6-7 weeks im not sure and when i took her i showed her to the vet she had bite marks on the head so i got really obsessed and attached to her and dont feel i wanna leave her for 1 sec
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