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Problems While Walking On Leash? Help!

I have a 9 year old female GSD, she and I have a really strong bond so she only listens to me. I never found this to be a problem until today, my 5 year old brother and 3 year old sister wanted to walk her. Keeli has never learned to heel because when I walk her I usually don't mind if she walks ahead as long as she doesn't pull. But anyway, my siblings tried walking her and she just kept pulling. I tried correcting her but she'd just go right back to doing it. Then when they told her to sit, she wouldn't listen and so I tried telling her to sit while they held the leash and she wouldn't listen to me either! Only when I grabbed the leash would she listen to commands. Don't even get me started on when a cat walked by... As Keeli isn't cat socialized so she went berserk.

So as a summary, the problems I need help fixing is;
•Pulling on the leash when kids are walking her
•Listening to my commands whenever I'm not near
•Staying focused and not bolting

I honestly thought I was doing a good job training her until I made this list, then found all of the weak points in my training...

Thanks so much! Next time I let the kids walk her, I'll be sure to run with her so she'll be tired when I hand the leash over. Hopefully that'll help some.
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