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Default May not seem like much but........

We've had Zeus for four weeks now, and he is six months old. The guy that we got him from had too much on his plate to work with him properly. So we are working on a lot of things like jumping on counters, chewing, walking on a leash, and not being afraid of strangers. Well I've been taking him out in public to meet strangers since we brought him home. I'll ask somebody if they like dogs, (Pet stores are good for this ) and if they say yes I ask them if they will help me with my shy dog by giving him a treat. I ask if they would kneel down a bit and hand it to him while not being over his head. He has gone from shying away from people like they are going to hit him (!!!) to being much more social. In Petsmart today he went up to the "blue buffalo lady" and wagged his tail, ears held up high and sat and waited for a treat - provided by the rep, lol. I am so proud of him for going from total fear to actually looking forward to meeting strangers!!! It may be a small step, but definitely one in the right direction!
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